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Seo basic

Search Engine Optimization?

The brief definition of search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique and process of helping your website become visible in search engine results or the organic listing of major search engine. (Such as Google, Yahoo or Bing).

Search Engine Optimization considers how a search engine works then examines what phrases or keywords people are searching for and helps your website gain better presence in those search results! When you target a specific audience, you will see better results with your website.  Another practice with search engine optimization is working to remove any known errors on your website.

Many SEO techniques are designed to attract the attention of the search engine spiders. Spiders are programs that search for new and updated websites and pages and rank them according to their usability and popularity among web users.

There are two basic types of SEO that you may have heard of - black hat SEO and white hat SEO. Unless you want to get banned by the search engines (a relative disaster scenario in the online world) you would do best to steer well clear of any black hat SEO techniques you come across, and stick to the white hat ones instead.

Black Hat Process-
Black hat SEO is the name given to the underhand strategies for trying to tip the balance of the search engines in your favour. This may include cramming in lots of extra keywords by using hidden text, for example - ie. white text on a white background. This is known as keyword spamming and will get your site banned without question.

White Hat Process-
White hat SEO strategies are all that you need to get ranked highly, and over time your efforts will be rewarded as your methods attract more visitors, which in turn will push your ranking even higher.

Keyword Density-
The density of the keywords you use within the content of any text on your website will invariably determine the level at which the search engines will rank your page. This is calculated by the ratio of keywords (or keyphrases) against the total number of words on a page.

Search Algorithms-
Google, Yahoo & Bing use algorithms that are employed via crawling bots that scour the billions of pages on the world wide web and systematically determine the content of every article, blog post or product description. The algorithms make connections between keywords in your content to determine with some accuracy, the subject matter of your website or blog.

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