Monday, 30 April 2012

Good SEO Strategy For Creating Website !!!

Here I am Defining SEO stratgy Step by Step -

-First Important thing-Do keyword research to determine what keywords you want to target.

While constructing your website you should do the following:

->Use markup to indicate the content of your site. Optimize your <title> tags on each page to contain 1 - 3 keywords.

-Create unique Meta Tags for each page.

-Use header tags appropriately (H1 > H2 > H3) 

-Use <strong> and <em> tags if appropriate .

-Optimize your URLs.

-Use Search Engine Friendly URLs (for dynamic sites).

-Use keywords in your domain.

-Use keywords in your URL.

-Use dashes instead of underscores to separate words in your URLs. Optimize your content, Use keywords liberally yet appropriately throughout each page, Have unique content, and  quality content.

-Use search engine friendly design. Do not use inaccessible site navigation. Create a human sitemap, Minimized outbound links, Kept your pages under 100K in size.

-Create a page that encourages webmasters to link to your site, Provide them the relevant HTML to create their link to you, provide them with any images you may want them to use (although text links are better)

-Make sure your website is complete before launching it.

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