Saturday, 26 May 2012

Advanced SEO Tips for Images

Advanced SEO Tips for Images

Hello friends here i am discuss How to Optimize Images. Optimizing images is very important for every Blogger/Webmaster because 20% of the daily searches are  for images.This shows how important it is to Optimize your images before publishing an article and blog post.

We use images and pictures to describe an article and particular page what about, well.In fact using right pictures and images is a good practise.
There are some important measures that a Blogger should take into consideration before uploading a image.

1. proper naming to your images:
as we see most of them give image name as image1,image2 or 1,2,3 ,abc so on.But this is not the right way to optimize your images for better Search Engine Ranking.

You can see how the url of the image looks like.For example if you are explaining a post on Cat and you will name it as image2Now image2 and Cat are no where similar and you dont get any result for this on Search Engines.

So you have to name your picture as Cat instead of image2 for better Search Engine Optimization.

2. Giving Spaces for images is avoid:

For example if you are writing a post on Making Money Online and you want to show a image that resembles Making Money Online.

Now you will give name as Making Money Online.But it is recommended to avoid spaces because these spaces are generally replaced by %20 and doesn't has any value when it comes to SEO.So, it is better to replace space with '-' or '+'.

Instead of Making Money Online name it as Make+Money+Online or Make-Money-Online.

3.Adding alt and title Tag for images:
you have to give one alt and one title tag for images. After you upload go to HTML and Add A Alt and Title tag. 

I hope these Tips helped you in better Search Engine Optimization. If You like this post and tips don't forget to leave a comment.

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