Wednesday, 6 June 2012

How Bounce Back From Penguin-

The first Google Penguin update, also known as the webspam / over-optimization update, was first unveiled on April 24. The update penalized sites who engaged in borderline black-hat SEO tactics and spammy techniques to bolster the Google rankings of their web properties.

Last week, Google refreshed the Penguin data, which is pretty similar to hitting the “reload” button on your browser. If anything behind the scenes had changed since you first loaded the page, it would be reflected after the reload. Google refreshed its data to allow those who had originally been hit by the Penguin update a chance to recover from the penalty.

few of the Tips to Bounce Back From Penguin are -

#1 Break out your SEO shears and cut out any low quality links.

#2 Analyze link type distribution.

#3 Ensure that anchor text distribution is natural.

#4 Diversify your anchor text and include a branded keyword.  Be transparent about who you are.

#5 Be selective with directory listings and choose ones with a good reputation

#6 Avoid link networks, Penguin will penalize you for having a suspicious number of sites interlinking with optimized anchor text.

#7 Focus on users. This is probably the most important tip. Create content that’s updated, useful, and relevant. People, not just machines, have to get something out of it.

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