Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Things we can learn from Penguin

Things we can learn from Penguin-

Google’s most recent Penguin update has caused a storm of controversy since it began cracking down on search engine enemy like first one is “unnatural” links.

Google Panda update targeted low value on-page optimization focusing on duplicate content and spammy outbound links, while recently Google Penguin is targeting largely inbound links, irrelevent and unnatural links dropping the rankings of sites/pages that might have unnatural links pointing to them. Some businesses that were early adopters of SEO are seeing rankings, traffic, and income vanish with lower rankings.

A quick recap of what constitutes a fishy link:

->A number of unnatural /spammy inbound links pointing to you.

->Paid text links using exact match anchor text. Google considers link buying a violation of Google’s webmaster guidelines. 

->Overdoing exact match anchor text will also get you penalized.
Comment spam. Using exact match anchor text for your “money keywords” in comments or in the username in the comment section

->Outbound links using exact match anchor text from low quality sites (or penalized by Google), or from the same IP address

->Low quality paid directory listings

->Link networks

->Hidden links

->Unnatural footer links

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