Monday, 24 December 2012

What is Author Rank ? - SEO 2013

In the year 2005, Google filled out a patent for Agent Rank. The patent record explains how Google will use a number of factors to decide an “agent’s” position within a given subject matter area. These factors include how popular the agent is, and how much of an expert he or she is on the subject.

This gives us an idea of how long Google has been looking for a way to supplement the cold statistics of social interactions with human factors. Historically, Google hasn’t had access to enough qualitative data to justify using social interactions as a direct ranking factor. However, the solution this problem presented itself in 2011 when Google launched it’s own social network, Google+. Finally they had the platform to warrant the activation of “AgentRank” (now known as AuthorRank).

AuthorRank – Presenting the individual aspect

In all its convenience, the objective of AuthorRank is to recognize people, their information within certain topics, and what others think of the material they post. The query is: “How do you create a qualitative statistic of such factors?”

Some of the aspects that are likely to have an effect are: the variety of supporters the writer has on public networking sites, how often the author’s material is distributed, and how regularly the writer gets acknowledgements from others by means of hyperlinks, extras, stocks, Prefers, Twitter posts, co-citations, etc.


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