Saturday, 29 December 2012

Why Pages of website isn’t Indexed yet on Google? - SEO TIPS

Hello Friends, I am recently having a problem in indexing of my website, pages are not indexed by Google, My website is more than 5 months old but all pages are not indexed yet. I also create some good back links for that pages but my problem is not resolved. After that I study deep about this and find the solution. I will share some important common mistakes that create a problem in the indexing of the website.

1.  The very First thing is Thing is that you have a look at your Google Webmaster Tools dashboard. If any problem showing on the dashboard related to your website you should address it first.

2.  Most likely you see the 404 Error code in the error response. It means Google can’t Find your website page when he crawl your webpage.

3. ROBOTS.TXT – Robots.txt file contain the root folder of your website on the server. If your website robots.txt file contain code User-agent: * Disallow: / it means any search isn’t index any of your site's content.

4. Google does not expect our website to be submitted to its search engine to be crawled the spiders will automatically find our website through the links that are found in other websites. However, these links shall not be from link farms or from purchased links or bad neighborhood. That is why it becomes important to do a press release as soon as you launch your website or builds good quality of links with relevant niche sites. This will help Google spiders to find your website easily for indexing. If you don’t have enough links from other websites pointing to your website then it may not be possible for Google spider to index you. Meanwhile you can work on link building through ethical methods.

5. It’s possible that If your hosting service provider does not have reliable servers or it might have been unavailable temporarily when the Google spiders visited your site, then in that case too you will face indexing problems.

6. Sitemaps- If you made any changes in the website URL but you forget to update sitemap, in this situation Google can’t find your webpage. So always update sitemap when make changes in the website.

7. URL Parameters - Within the Webmaster Tools you find there's a section where you can set URL parameters that tells Google what dynamic links you do not want to get indexed. So this comes with a warning from Google: "Incorrectly configuring parameters may result in pages from your site being dropped from our index, so I don't recommend you use this tool unless necessary."

8.  In Other possible reason that your site or pages might not get indexed is because they consist of scraped content, are involved with shady link farm tactics etc.

I think I covered all possible reason if any reason I forget you can add through comment.


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