Saturday, 26 January 2013

Article Submission Best Practice & Guidelines

get each of your article accepted to an article submission sites and picked up for syndication it is not a slam dunk. Probably many of these Articles sites have pretty strict standards (the good ones anyway), That's are really what you want for your articles. Sites that accept plagiarized or garbage content and have loose editorial standards don’t get articles distributed as widely or as frequently. So it’s very important to align yourself & content with good sites.

Here i share some of the best practices I’ve found & implement for getting my articles accepted and syndicated:

1.> First important thing is that don't add links in the article body. link's to your site should be putted in the bio or about the author section of the article.

2.> In the bio section keep the maximum three links,  If you putted more than three link's you can/will be rejected from the article site.

3.> Do not promote your company in the body of the article. keep this for the bio section.

4.> Do not post plagiarize content. Editors of the article's sites are not fool. good and reputed article sites only print/publish orignal content.

5> Don't stuff the keyword's in the article, some sites are very strict about the keyword density. if you stuff the keyword in the content will rejected.

6.> No misspelling, Grgrammer  error.


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