Wednesday, 2 January 2013

How to do Effective Social Bookmarking? Step by Step

Before knowing How to do Effective Social Bookmarking, It’s important to know the purpose of social bookmarking, or why we do social bookmarking in link building process.
The main purpose of social bookmarking sites is for people to book-mark their favorite and gets their bookmark websites store at the bookmarking sites. If you were to use social bookmarking site to store your own favorite websites, choose a site you prefer and register an account on that. Take time to learn about the site and you can start bookmark those sites that you like for easier refer in the future. It’s the main purpose of the social bookmarking sites.
Few websites allow you to upload your own website, for example stumble-Upon, on this you can upload your website. When you visit by other people, they will visit you back and this will boosts your website’s traffic.
I am writing this post for those who have Question about how to do social bookmarking? How social bookmarking helps in internet marketing and wants to know how social bookmarking brings traffic to my website?

First Step:   
Open Social bookmarking site, or open  5 to 10 sites of social bookmarking. For open multiple website at once you can use or These tools open multiple website at once. for list of social bookmarking sites list search on Google. you get a lot of website.

2nd Step:   
After opening website click on the register button to register on the website. When you have registered some websites send the activation link to the mail id after activation of the link you are able to logged in to the website.

3rd Step: After log-in on the website click on the submit a new story button, or submit link button and submit you website link. When you have submitted your link and click on the submit button it open a form page that contain some fields that you have to fill as follows:
Title: In the title field put the title of your story that is attractive and related to keywords.
Tag: You can add some useful keyword during submission. Tagging- it is very important to improve your submission crawling rate. In the tag field you will put the keywords of your website.
Description: In the description field put the description of your website or product up to 400 words.
After fill the captcha click on the submit button, and review your story. If require, than modify it or click on submit button.  

For take the publish bookmark links right click on the discuss button and copy link location, this is the public link of your bookmark site.
There are two type of social bookmarking sites are available. One is DO-Follow and 2nd one is NO-Follow. If you want to improve your search engine ranking with social bookmarking sites than, you have to focus on this factor. Before submit your URL to website you have to check, its do follow or no follow. If website is do follow so, you can submit your URL with targeted keywords. And if it is follow than, submit your URL with some attractive Title so, It will help you to improve click through rate during search engine indexing.

Top Benefits Of Social Bookmarking :

1) Social Bookmarking sites have feature fresh content that search engine crawl frequently and its one of the best advantage to getting backlinks from social bookmarking sites. your links will crawl fast and index in the search engine.

2) Social Bookmarking help you in the ranking and visiblity of your website in search engine. you can submit thousand of sites on the social bookmarking.

3) Social bookmarking stories also listed in the search engine if the description and title are attractive with fresh content.

4) Other users all over the world can see your bookmark and make it morevisible by sharing and like it.

I Hope its Helpful for you. if you like this Please send your feedback with comment.



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