Saturday, 20 April 2013

Decrease your Website Bounce Rate up to 20%

When you will see your web analytic s you must have seen one state there is bounce rate. Now question arise what is it?

What is bounce rate?

The bounce rate measures with the number of people who arrive at your site, then leave your site after viewing just one page, without exploring other pages on the site. Such a visit is called a bounce. It’s not good for the website.

For mathematically calculate a website's bounce rate for a given period, you divide the number of bounces by the total number of site visits during the period, and multiply by 100. This way you will get % bounce rate of the website.

A website that have low Bounce rate shows that it target right type of visitors that explore its content and pages.

A website that have high bounce rate shows that it doesn't target right type of visitors. Mean visitors aren't finding what they're looking for. And they go back to search engine to find his relevant website.

What is the Ideal Bounce rate?

Anything below 50% is good and ideal bounce rate and a Bounce rate approaching 20% is magical but it’s very tough to maintain it. It will definitely make you a valuable blog in eyes of search engines.

How to decrease your bounce rate?

Here are the Tips that help you to decrease the bounce rate of your website:

Places related article where the article ends its make your blog more engaging.

Use most popular posts on your pages. It will let your first time users to have a look on what’s popular on your blog.

If still finding it difficult, use lesser ads on your pages.

Use intriguing Titles for your posts. It’s like saying the same things but in a way that it creates an urge to read.

Decrease your page loading time of your website.

Put a search box on your blog at top positions. If your article is not relevant he may search for find something relevant on your blog.

Do interlinking of your posts.

Do not make your Meta description or title misleading, it may attract irrelevant visitors that not find relevant information on your site and they leave within a second.

This will help you to make your website trustworthy. If you know some Other Helpful tips please share in the comment below.


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