Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Top-Rated Search Engines Submission List

Search Engine Submission for Better Visibility

Search engine submission are an integral part of the SEO services, it helps your website to obtain better online visibility. Search Engine submissions are one of the best ways to promote your website online.

Search Engine Submissions have following Benefits:

1. Increase the probability to get indexed: This procedure increase the probability of getting recognized by a search engines very fast.

2. Enhances the probability to appear in SERP:, this submissions enhances the possibility of appearing in the search results.

3. More Traffic: Once you have submitted your site to various search engines like: Google, yahoo, msn and some category particular ones, the more improved your website is the more chances to getting in top rated results.

4. Website Promotion: This process helps in website promotion. Once the website is finish and Research of keywords has been done, content is relevant fresh & unique; the website submission helps to promote your website to the target audience.

5. Wider reach to customers through search engines

6. Permanent links that add to the page rank of your website

Search Engine Submission Tips:

1.   Do not submit incomplete page or the page that is under development.

2.   While submitting your web site to a search engine, you must have knowledge of crawler-based search engines, spider-based search engines, and human-based search engines. So that you shall submit your web site of your desire in the best manner. You should only submit necessary web pages to search engines.

3. Check out your page for errors such as spelling check, valid inbound and outbound links before submission to search engine.

4.   Submit only necessary web pages to search engines.

Top-rated Search Engines Lists

Every Website or Blog owner want more and more visitors visit his/her Website but at the beginning it is very difficult to maximize your blog traffic. Some Search Engines and Directories are listed below which are positioned according to popularity. Rankings are determined by Different factors and Submit your Website/blog to search engine and boost ranking and traffic.


  1. Hi, I have a query .. do we need to submit our blog to all these above mentioned search engines ? I have submitted my blogs on google and yahoo search and to a active search engine.. isnt this enough?


Thank you :)