Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Just 5 Things to Have The Road Trip of Your Life

Planning a road trip is real fun, trust me. A road trip is the most beautiful excuse to see beautiful sceneries all through the journey and move on to see something more beautiful. So, here I am giving you some really cool guidelines to follow before you go for a road trip. 
Don’t pre-plan your accommodation: Accommodation is an important thing to keep in mind before going to any trip, but here you must remember that it is a road trip and you may decide to stay in the middle of journey, so do not plan your accommodation too stiffly. Your plans should be flexible. Moreover you can try some adventure like staying a night in a tent, somewhere in between the trip. After all what’s the purpose of a road trip, if you didn’t try some crazy ideas?

Keep your Car comfortable: Since the mode of transport is car, make sure it is comfortable enough with wonderful fragrances inside it so as to make sure you have a fantastic environment all through the journey. Have a larger car, so as to pack many things, such as toys for kids, if there are kids in the trip. Different types of snacks and books if you are into reading. But the most important thing is the fragrance, get an Ambipur and have it installed properly in your car.

Have multiple numbers of drivers: Make sure there are more than one people to drive the car, so as one person who drives does not feel exhausted and the rest of you have a gala time, a conflict of opinions is not something we want on a trip. Have some pillows while leaving home, you should feel like home in the car also. 

Do not hesitate to stop: Since it is a road trip, do not behave as if you are going for a business meet. Whenever any of you feels like a good place to halt for some snacks or having photographs, just stop the car and have a fun time. Even if it takes double the time to reach your destination, it is important to have a better journey than the destination.

Befriend your kid: Make your kid feel like a pal of his/her, for this one trip, stop teaching him the manners and etiquettes and let him chill and shout and allow him to make crazy suggestions for all of you to do. 

Make it a trip of your lifetime, who knows, whether you are going to get a leisure time like this again. Life is beautiful but people are too busy to celebrate it.

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