Monday, 10 March 2014

5 Ways to Improve Your Conversion Rate

When speaking about online matters, the conversion rate is the amount of people who take a desired action against the amount of people that do not. For example, if you have some very good sales pages and you get 200 people land on them, and 46 of those people buy something from you, then you have a 23% conversion rate. It means that 46 people converted out of a possible 200.

What your conversion rate means depends on you

The conversion rate involves a certain action, and that action is the conversion. Many people talk about social media and when they do then say that a person going from social media to their website count as a conversion. People who hit a website and then buy something or join a subscription are said to have been converted. Even if you are using Pay Per Click advertising and you have some adverts that create clicks and some that do not, you can claim that the people who clicked were converted.

Why does this matter? Because how you apply the tips below is going to depend on what you want and what you are planning to convert people into doing.

1 - Speak to your target audience and exclude other people

This means forgetting about trying to be all things to all people, and just be one thing to the people who are the most likely to convert. The people who are the most likely to convert are the ones who are your target audience. They are the ones who you should be getting under the skin of. They are the ones you should be learning about and figuring out how to appeal to.

Excluding other people is also important because if you do not then sometimes your target audience will not even give you the time of day. It is like excluding the bums from the posh restaurants otherwise posh people would not eat there. The same is true with conversions. For example, if you put your very high prices onto your affiliate adverts, then you scare away people who don’t have the money for them. Better still, you also save on them clicking on your PPC affiliate advertising and costing you money.

2 - Make your offer clear and concise

This is just a matter of good salesmanship. You want people to know what your offer is without having to investigate because people are not going to investigate. Most people resent you for trying to market to them (in any way) so the idea of them investigating your offer is nothing short of abhorrent to them.

3 - Make the next step very obvious

This is a silly mistake the some people make. They create a very good advert, but then they do not signpost how a person may convert. The worst types are where no form of support is even left behind so that the person cannot even call customer service.

Other types include the web master assuming that the viewer knows how to do something. For example, the web master may assume that the viewer knows he or she has to sign into Facebook first. This assumption leads to a loss of conversions because you can bet your favorite cheese that there are people out there who didn’t and do not know. You do not have to ram your signpost down the viewers throat, just make sure they can see where they may go if they want to accept your offer.

4 - Do not sugar coat the truth

This is a tricky one for some people. For example, if they are trying to sell roofing then they have to charge thousands for something a person is not going to see. This is just a fact, but they try to sugar coat the fact instead of sticking to the issue in that the person in question needs roofing. If you sugar coat things (try to talk around them) then you are going to lose the trust of the person you want to convert.

5 - Remove all possible barriers to a conversion

This is the big mistake that most people make. They create difficulties that slow down a conversion, and any form of slowing is likely to result in a failure. For example, the people who insert CAPTCHA into their tools or comment sections are actually making it harder for people to comment. This alone is going to put some people off and you will lose comments. Look for all the barriers to a conversion and remove as many as possible.

This is a guest post by Kate Funk, an occasional guest-blogger and a full-time writer at Aussiewriter. Kate enjoys teaching others how to benefit from different apps, business and marketing techniques as she a wide experience in networking.

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