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Excellent Off-Page SEO Tips to get Traffic for your Website

SEO simply means- Search Engine Optimisation. This is where we construct a website to hold it in high position as far as possible. At this part we apply certain strategies/ techniques to keep it stable on this position on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).
Higher rank of our website on SERP gets us more traffic for our website SEO. It is of two categories, such as On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. Under the On-page SEO we do all the things like, page titles and internal linking etc., to keep our website in higher rank. But the Off-page SEO is different from the On-page SEO. Things like social networking, social forum, blog marketing and article submission etc., are done in Off-page SEO to keep a website on high rank. Off-page SEO gives an indication about how other users and other websites perceive a particular website or search engine. Off-page SEO generates many benefits to a particular website like, increase in ranking and more exposed. With many Off-page SEO strategies a website can generate more traffic, to market an website, to get high rank in search engines, and to build on line reputation for a website etc,. Some of the Off-page strategies are listed below.
1. Reputation Management
To manage online reputation you can create communities in social networking sites. It is the most basic and important strategy to initiate the Off-page SEO process. In this process try to get a membership of the most popular social networking sites such as, face book and Linked In. Through this a website network could be extended more online by getting connected with friends. Through this you can promote your company on websites and an online reputation could be built.

2. Blogging
To promote a website online, blogging is another powerful way to get traffic for a website. Create and write a blog of your own which you can use for your website. Keep up to date with your posts. Write and update unique content for your blog. Blog writing should be precise, clear and should be conveyed to the readers of it. Blogs has to be service related and it should allow links to the comments section. But if you are not very good at writing content for blog posts then you hire a guest blogger who can write for your blog. It would definitely help a website to get more traffic for it. There are another two Off-page SEO strategies that are related to blogging. 

(a)   “Do-Follow” Blogs
In this, you post comments on other blogs and add a link of your website in the comments section. Generally these blogs are called as “Do-Follow” blogs.
(b)   Blog Marketing 

Another related Off-page SEO tip to blogging is marketing of it. Create a forum or online discussion groups of your own. Share topics and take an issue and start a discussion on it. On this forum you can reply and answer to peoples questions. All these will help you to build a reputation of an expert in this field.

3.Submit to Search Engines
Search engines help to speed up the process of getting traffic for your website. Submit your website to the most popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Lycos, Excite, AltaVista, Alexa, etc,.

4.Submit to Directories
For best results submit your website to the niche directories and also to the general directories like DMOZ, YahooZoominfo, One mission etc.

5. Social Book Marking
It is another way of getting traffic for your own website. Do social book marking in most     popular sites which are known for this, like Digg, Delicious, stumble upon, propeller etc. But you should always be careful while handling the tags because the tags are very essential to broadcast your news in the whole net work.

6.Link Baiting
Link baiting is another popular way of promoting your website. Always try to post unique things on your website, so that people would like to link it. Always keep the link of other websites for reference from where you have published, shared any content and news for your website. 

7. Sharing and Marketing of Photos/Videos
Use your own photos and pictures in your website so that it can be shared in public. Let others including your friends see them and comment on them. This helps in getting traffic for website. Share your photos and pictures in major and popular photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa etc. Like photo sharing you can share your videos. Videos related to your products, your opinions, advices and reviews of your product. Share videos with the websites like You Tube, Meta Cafe, Daily motion, etc, 

8.Use Business Review as a Medium
Similar to photo/video sharing, write reviews about business of others. Write reviews including your clients and friends and simultaneously ask your friends to write review of your business. The sites like, Rate it All, Shvoong, Kaboodle, Stylefeeder, etc., are such business review sites which you use to write reviews about your business.

9.List your Website at Local Level
It is always better to make your website available to the local level. It becomes very useful once it is listed in the local directories. It helps to reach a targeted local audience. Create website which promotes your local business. This becomes easy at the local level because at the global level it becomes difficult to reach a targeted audience due to huge competition. By listing your website locally you help your-self to get easily found and viewed by the major search engines. Submit your website to the search engines like, Google Local, Maps, Yahoo local, Yellow pages Super pages, Hat from etc.

10. Writing and Submission of Articles
Write your own articles and submit them to popular article directories online like, Go Articles, Now Public, Ezine etc. It is a slower process, but it will definitely help you driving traffic to your website. At the same time you can also get many links to your site from other network.

11.Networking through Social Shopping
It becomes a good strategy for e-Commerce websites. Your products could easily be advertised by this. Submit your website to online shopping networks like, Google product search, Yahoo online shopping, MSN online shopping, and other major social shopping network sites like Kabodle, style Feeder etc. In this way also you get the likelihood of people for your website that try to find the products that your websites sell and ultimately increases the traffic for your website.

12.Answer the Questions
Establish your reputation of an expert in your field by asking and answering many relevant questions on your website. To do this, actively participate in answering many relevant questions on sites like yahoo answers. Place a link to your website in the source section so that people can find your website easily. It is a great way to increase your link popularity.   

Author Bio:
Tanya Schenck has decades of experience in content writing and she is with a passion of helping out the students with plagiarism free custom essays. Her areas of interests are very wide and in spare time she is also contributing as a writer for different blogs.


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